10 Corso Como
  • Authors
    Ettore Sottsass, Michele De Lucchi, George J. Sowden, Martine Bedin, Marco Zanini, Matteo Thun, Aldo Cibic, Nathalie Du Pasquier
  • Place
    10 Corso Como, Seoul
  • Year

After thirty-five years from the first historical exhibition, 10 Corso Como Seoul shows pieces and documents one of the “last design movement of this century”.
“There are no marketing research, no strategy behind me, my decisions are almost always instinctive...of course I am bored by continuous repetitions and all of us dream a group movement, an ideal to pursue and share...how boring are the stars of a nothing star-system”. Ettore Sottsass
“Memphis” Mrs. Sozzani says “is reliable, it has a really strong mark and gives sensory density, humour, sense of game...I’m bored also by minimal...”
For Mrs. Sozzani her gallery is a passion and the story of Memphis a real story that can be communicated with pleasure without any plans or commercial adventure. Memphis is a good story of the human comedy as perhaps Sottsass would have defined it.

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