Carlton Miniature

The perfect miniature reproduction of the famous Carlton bookcase created by Sottsass in 1981 as a sort of manifesto fully embodies the ideals, vision and stylistic signature of Memphis: the mini-collection stems from an awareness that the products of Memphis are considered true design icons, thus having a symbolic value above and beyond their function, as part of our collective imagination. They are aimed at an audience of collectors but also design lovers, enabling them to enjoy the presence of the original creations, reconstructed perfectly on a smaller scale. With respect to the proportions of the original historic pieces, on view in the world’s most important museums, the miniatures painstakingly recreate even the tiniest details, materials and colors, with an extremely high standard of authenticity.

Perfect 1:4 scale reproduction of the Carlton bookcase in a limited edition of 1000 pieces numbered and stamped on the bottom of the base.
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